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Horizon Scholarship


Scholarship Coaching and Mentoring Services

Horizon offers a variety of coaching, mentoring and other services by email, telephone and in person if necessary. For example, we create a personalized strategy to advise students how to properly submit scholarship applications as well as how to follow up to ensure their package is as strong as possible. We also advise students how to select and present their materials to create the most effective scholarship application package possible. This could include an academic resume, recommendation letters, photos and anything else that highlights a student’s abilities and demonstrates why he/she is the best candidate for a particular scholarship. We also provide professional proofreading and editing services to ensure students' essays and applications are impressive and error-free. We also conduct in-depth research, identify the most suitable scholarship opportunities and share advice on the best strategy for applying for each option. Our program starts with the completion of a detailed application, which we use to guide our research and consultative efforts.


Our services are designed to help students:

  • get organized
  • stay focused
  • meet application deadlines
  • maximize their time and efforts
  • avoid wasting time and frustration
  • get the best possible results


When working with students, we use a three-tiered approach. We help students:

  • first, apply for their target colleges extremely early
  • second, apply for scholarships from all of their schools extremely early
  • third, apply for scholarships from sources outside their target schools